Apple’s Holiday Ad is finally here for the AirPods

Have you thought about how sharing your earplug or AirPods, in this case, can make you fall in love?

Apple just released their holiday ad and it is quite enchanting. A big reason is the song selection – yes they play Sam Smith’s ‘Palace’. The ad follows a woman who is walking down the streets, and pulls out her iPhone X and plays a song. How is she listening to it? AirPods of course. The world transforms into a private stage and that’s where the enchantment begins.

“Move someone this holiday,” the ad concludes.

Apple treats their Holiday ads as a ‘greeting card from the brand to the world’, and it allows them to communicate something very different from the usual features and products that they otherwise talk about throughout the year.

What’s the best moment of the ad? The music pauses when the woman takes off one AirPod and starts as soon as she gives it to the stranger – just like it would happen in real life – a feature Apple is most proud of.

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